DL solutions inc.
solutions for the automated control of your home


DL solutions offers a wide variety of  Audio / Video options suitable for a single room or for an entire home.  A client’s desires and budget are taken into consideration when determining components needed to build an appropriate system.

To satisfy one’s viewing needs and wants, we offer a product line including high definition Smart TV’s, projectors, and projection screens. Televisions and projection screens can be installed on stationary, manually adjustable, or motorized mounts.  We offer universal remote control that can be programmed to give simplified control of a complete home theater system (cable box, TV / projector, Blu-ray player, surround sound receiver, Apple TV, etc.) from a single handheld remote.

A high definition television and surround sound system in a Living Room / Family Room can provide a theater-like experience without the need for a dedicated “HomeTheater.”  In-ceiling and in-wall speakers blend into a room’s décor to disappear into its surroundings.  In addition to delivering sound when watching TV and movies, these same speakers can be used for everyday music enjoyment.  The same type of speakers can also be installed in several other rooms to provide music throughout a home.

When conditions prevent wires from being run within the walls, wireless stand-alone speakers can be used to provide the same experience without the need for construction.  Speakers can be positioned in inconspicuous places to be kept out of sight. 

Music can come from nearly any source imaginable; such as a client’s personal music library / iTunes, on-line streaming sources, and internet radio from around the world.  All of these things can be easily controlled via an app for web-connected iPhone, iPad, and/or Android devices.

DL solutions believes every residence (homeowner / family) is unique and there is no Audio / Video package that fits every mold.  DL’s staff takes the time to specify appropriate products and components to work for the end-user in his or her home.