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Lighting Control


DL solutions designs lighting control systems based on a client’s needs and budget.  Lighting systems can go into an existing home requiring little to no construction or can be developed for renovations and new construction projects.  DL commonly works with architects, designers, and lighting designers, as well as directly with the homeowner to create a plan that suits the space.


Lighting control systems can control a single room, such as a great room, kitchen, or home theater… and can be expanded at any time.  Lighting scenes can be programmed to change the mood of a room to adapt to different activities (e.g. cooking, dining, entertaining, TV / movie viewing, relaxing, etc.).

Systems for an entire residence can allow monitoring / lighting control from any location.  When leaving the residence, all lights (both indoor and outdoor) can be turned off with a single button-push… and a “home scene” can be created to light the entryway / common areas upon return.

Any size system can also control motorized shades and HVAC systems.  All of these things can be operated with wall-mounted keypads that can be configured with as few or as many buttons as needed to avoid confusion and provide total control as desired.

Control is also available via an app for iPhone, iPad, and/or Android devices.  With this app, all control and monitoring is possible from anywhere in the world with internet access.  In addition, the system can be programmed to automate functions based on sunrise, sunset, and/or time of day.

DL solutions’ attention to detail surpasses all others.  DL’s philosophy of lighting design and control systems is to listen to the needs and desires of the end-user to build a custom package tailor-made for his or her home.  DL believes that a lighting control system isn’t complete until the homeowner has had a chance to live with and use the system.  In addition to the initial programming, DL includes follow-up visits in their design package in order to make programming adjustments and further customize the system to best suit the client’s lifestyle.