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Louis Kahn House

Creating motorized solar shade protection for the eastern exposed window wall of this Louis Kahn home had various challenges.

The shades run floor-to-ceiling and measure 80" x 215" each.

The space available to conceal the shades was minimal.

The areas within the pockets had limitations in regard to what we could attach to as not to create any holes in the original structure.

The design of the pocket had to meet with all the architectural conformities of Louis Kahn's design.

We had to devise a plan to get the necessary wire to each location and ensure the wires would not be visible.

Other than the need for solar protection, the ultimate absolute was that when the shades were retracted and not in use, the 42 foot wide window wall would look exactly as the architectural design was intended. 

The photo below shows the shades after installation as they sit in their pockets.

The detail of design and process was no small feat, but was accomplished up to all of the standards required.