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Luxury Rittenhouse Home

The scope of this project was to design custom motorized fabric panels in 5 floor- to-ceiling window sections, consisting of twenty panels, in the main living area of this luxury Rittenhouse, Philadelphia home.

The only thing that existed was the desired concept.

Neither single product, nor spec was available. 

The pocket opening of 8" (where the track system would be installed) was predetermined and was all the space we had to work with.

The fabric was selected prior and added a degree of complication based on the sheer multi-woven silk and detailed repetitive pattern.

We had to quickly determine the proper motorized track system to use (Lutron Electronic Co,. Inc.) and give all wire specifications to the contractor as the project was under a specific timeline.

After a great deal of research, we located a fabric panel manufacturer overseas.  We determined we could order unassembled frame components to allow us to alter the structural design to create pieces that we could join together.  By doing this, we were able to produce the frames suitable to move forward.

We had to invent a method to attach the fabric to the frame without letting the frame be visible. We also had to come up with a way to seal the back of the frame seamlessly.

In addition, we had to create components that would allow these panels to join up with the lead carrier of the Lutron motorized track.

Based on the space available, width of frames, pattern of fabric and all conditions of the site, all of our tolerances were no greater than 1/16" and as tight as a piece of paper between the high parts of the fabric.

This project was a true work of art and showed all of the collective talents of every member of our team.

Our  PROJECT  PAGE shows photos and movies of the end result.