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Ayer Penthouse

A  204" x 90" glass wall opening was created in the wall of this penthouse at The Ayer building on Washington Square, Philadelphia.

The scope of the project was to create a motorized design to completely black out the opening and create a virtual wall to conceal the Master Bedroom from the south-facing Living Room below.

This needed to be done with a single shade approximately 18 foot wide by 9 foot long.

A pocket design was created to conceal the shade above the glass and recessed side channels (where the shade fabric would run) were installed within the wall on either side of the glass.

The plans for line voltage wiring were created for the electrician as well as the operational design for the automated system being used to operate the shade.

The process of construction to house what we designed was managed at every detail.

The end result as shown in these photos gave the client exactly what he desired.

The pictures below show how beautifully we achieved our goals.